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Now on Facebook

21 Sep

For those who follow me regularly, but waiting for more regular updates, I usually have some small updates on my Facebook page.

Check it out, at THIS LINK.



31 Jul

Yes, I am now on Flickr. I needed it to enter a competition and have decided to maintain a FLICKR site, as it seems quite good.


So, have a browse around there as well. New images added as they are taken.


Enjoy Smile


15 Apr

I have created a new account at, which lets me further showcase my photography and also accept support/donations to further my work and dream of becoming a great photographer.

Have a quick look around at

If you like my work and want to support me, feel free to click the “Support Me” button, to donate as little as a dollar through PayPal.

Enjoy my work.

Featured on PhotoBotos

10 Apr

Currently featured on PhotoBotos : Where Professionals Share Their Secrets to Amazing Photos Daily.

Direct Link to my work: HERE

It is an absolute honour to have been chosen to be featured on PhotoBotos. I hope to create more work that meets with their very high standards.

Tasimagery is here!

10 Apr


As an amateur photographer, seeking to make a semi-professional setup, I felt it necessary to create a place to showcase some of my work, in a way that suits me.

I aim to provide a place for people to come and see my work, link to my portfolio and make contact with me, should they choose to.