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Let’s call it Flower Wednesday

7 Dec

Have a busy day tomorrow, so decided a few simple flower shots would do. A slight challenge in the wind, but we got there.


Sparkler and Jelly Beans

5 Aug
Sparkler in afternoon light.

I was sitting enjoying the last warm rays of a nice sunny winters day. Then thought, ‘I’ll light a sparkler’.

Jelly Beans.

The Jelly Beans were a part of my guilty pleasures order of lollies.

Both images make great phone backgrounds, so feel free to download and use them that way.

If you do, a comment would be nice.

*Bonus background.

Across the lake

25 Nov

A shot across Finley Lake. Heavy vegetation growth this year.

He’s BACK ! ! ! (with a NEW Domain)

31 Oct

Well after a couple years hiatus, as a result of some filthy, nasty comments regarding my motives for taking photos. I am back!

WITH a new website domain, more suited to my craft


Some new and exciting ideas in the mind, so visit regularly.