A phone background *FREE

20 Nov

I took this image at the end of my street. A little work and POP!

Amazingly, this was ALL done on my new mobile phone.


A new lens . . .

14 Nov

Well, the excitement builds, I bought myself a new lens.

Nikon AF 35-105mm f 3.5-4.5, so portrait shots and landscapes will be a new treat. Oh, it also does one of my favorites, Macro. And with the brilliant f-stop range, I get brilliant Bokeh.

The Bokeh is brilliant.
The ever best doggo ever – Bear Dog.

So, as you can see, the possibilities are getting closer to endless.

My next lens, which will be very expensive, is a Nikon AF 14-24mm lens. Will cost me ~$2000, so some saving will be needed. one day.

He’s BACK ! ! ! (with a NEW Domain)

31 Oct

Well after a couple years hiatus, as a result of some filthy, nasty comments regarding my motives for taking photos. I am back!

WITH a new website domain, more suited to my craft


Some new and exciting ideas in the mind, so visit regularly.

2017 Calendar

20 Nov

Available now, so you have time to print it is my 2017 Calendar

2017 Calendar


Download and share it far and wide.

Enjoy 🙂

November Flowers

20 Nov

Just a few shots of some of the flowers I have taken over the last couple of months. Oh and a photo of Trixie.






Enjoy 🙂

Boxing – Glenorchy

9 Jul

Had a great night recently at the boxing in Claremont.


Images made better

6 Nov

OK, so I have been asked how I get my images to look “so good”. I was humbled by this but also proud to have been complimented so.

Here is an example of Before, during and after.

This was done on an old jpeg I shot (before I started shooting in RAW).


This is the original jpeg straight from Nikon D-60.


This image has been put into Photoshop. I then applied Athentech Perfectly Clear. As you can see, exposure and contrast have been sorted.


Finally, this is the tool of tools. Easypanel. Look it up, you will never look back. The tool I used Sharpen (I believe it uses invert and un-sharp mask) It seems backward, but works a treat.

Fence and birds

16 Oct

From beautiful old fences through to my favourite waterbird, the pelican.




Binalong Bay

14 Oct

I am fortunate enough to have been able to visit Binalong Bay this morning at sunrise and enjoy the view and absolute serenity.




Playing with Imagination

9 Jun

I have stumbled upon some processes to create some exceptional results, especially for moving subjects (cars, bikes, etc) but can do wonders with most others.

Bike in Motion (2)




Flying Bike


Fury Bike_3169x1783


Enjoy 🙂