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Playing on Macro

17 Aug

I have always enjoyed the challenge of getting in close enough to see the most intricate detail. I practice this almost every time I take a camera out.

Today I was able to take some shots I am very happy with.


A bottlebrush that looks like a spider.


A small mushroom in the front lawn.


A Saffron flower.


A flower I don’t know.


Another mushroom in the front lawn.

The ability to get ini absolutely closely and see the intricate detail, especially seeing it for the first time on a larger screen. Something I will never tire of.



An Afternoon Out

14 Aug


Well, an afternoon out and about. An opportunity to photograph flowers and birds.


The sun streaming through some leaves.


A close up of some seed pods.


Pine Nuts, waiting for the warmer months.


Just an old steel barrel slowly wasting away in the bush.


I love good reflections.


Coastal Daisies. They always look good.


Diving for some dinner.


Some more diving.


The diving fisher.


And More.


And even more.

A Day at the Nursery

31 Jul

I dropped in to the Bridgewater, St Vincent de Paul Nursery today. I was passing by, saw an old cart and thought, yep, I want to photograph that.

I spoke to Natalie Howell and was granted permission, albeit not so subtly recruited for later photo work. Odd that?

Here is a small selection of the images I took today.


Remember, this is in the middle of winter here in Tasmania, so I expect some very special things as we enter Spring and Summer.

Enjoy Smile

Dark Mofo – Hobart 2013

18 Jun

As a part of the Dark Mofo celebration in Hobart, organised by the MONA, they presented a display by Ryoji Ikeda, called Spectra. It is described as follows:


Ryoji Ikeda Spectra (Tasmania) will begin Friday June 14, Sunset (Approx. 4:40pm) and ends June 23, Sunrise, Queens Domain. I’m wondering if any Hobart photographers would be keen to make a night of it at all? Possibly include steel wool etc? For those that don’t know it will be part of Dark Mofo.
Here’s what it is:
Imagine a tower of pure, white light, reaching fifteen kilometres into the Hobart sky above the Domain. At the base of the tower, forty-nine custom-made Xenon searchlights are set into the ground in a seven-by-seven grid; combined, they point a fleshless finger at our town straight down, it seems, from some sort of imagined, omniscient seat in the sky.
Sine waves – the purest kind of sound wave – form invisible sonic patterns at the base; your movement alters their composition in a way that only you can specify. Indeed, your experience is unlike your friends’, or anyone else’s at all. Now, stop imagining, and wait until nightfall.

Here are some photos of this event, both up close and from afar. I hope you enjoy them.


If you are in Hobart, or even Tasmania, before Saturday 22 June, get in and have a look at this amazing piece of art.

Anzac Day Hobart – 2013

25 Apr

Another Anzac Day rolls around and the opportunity to pay my respects to those who have made the ultimate sacrifice in the service of the Australian miitary.


With the Australian Flag flying proudly overhead, the service was preceded by the march from Angelsea Barracks to the Cenotaph.

This provided an opportunity for those present to thank those who marched in memory of the fallen and to see some of the equipment that was used in yester-years.



With old diggers making  it a memorable day out . . .



The 3rd Light Horse making an appearance . . .



To the young, taking in the sights and sounds of this most important day, proudly showing the flag of this great nation.


An old veteran who proudly made the march and answered the call in memory of long lost mates . . .



A mate thanking his horse for a job well done . . .



A ‘digger’ taking in the whole ceremony . . .



To the final and most potent reminder of why we were there. To remember the fallen.

Lest We Forget.

A Weekend Sail

22 Apr

A great weekend with my son, as we help perform some repairs on a friends yacht.

After the repairs were sorted, we stayed on the yacht overnight, providing a great opportunity to get some night shots.


The following morning provided even more opportunities to get some snaps.



Then on to some sailing, providing the chance to get some shots of other vessels.


I hope you enjoy the photos.

Some older photos

13 Apr

Some of the photos I have taken but not featured elsewhere.


A spent seed pod stands proudly along the banks of the Jordan River, Pontville, Tasmania.


A reed featuring itself in front of others at the Jordan River, Pontville, Tasmania.


Two wasps work to devour an apple on a friends apple tree.

Some late afternoon

13 Apr

Taken while waiting to drop my son off at Naval Cadets, at TS Derwent, near Hobart, Tasmania. These show the diversity available less than 2 kilometres from the centre of Hobart, Tasmania.

The first a rabbit, and it’s friend, who was happily scurrying around before dark.


Remember, this is less than 2 km from Hobart itself.

Soaring majestically above, a seagull. the late afternoon light reflecting beautifully from it’s wings.


Finally, what I believe is a pilot boat, used to taken harbour pilots out to ships to bring them in, on the Derwent River, Tasmania. the amazing colour, and the way it stands out from the background caught my eye.


All of these in less than 5 minutes, no further than 2 km from the centre of Hobart, Tasmania. Land, Air and Sea. Gotta Love It !

Some Flora for thoughts

12 Apr

Some more photos of flora I have taken.


Native flower.


An orange rose. I really like the colour.


Beautiful colour, great contrast.

A Small Sample

12 Apr

Here is a small sample of the photos I enjoy taking.

Autumns Red Rose

An autumn rose in full bloom in the early autumn morning.

Oust House

Oast House. Located just west of New Norfolk on the road to Queenstown. Used to dry Hops for the flavouring of beer.


A favourite photo, I took on my first night out with the Nikon D60. I love the clarity and colour.

Watery Stage

Four cormorants provide a spectacle and play around on a Buoy in the early morning.

I hope you enjoy them also.