Playing with a new lens

6 Oct

I was very lucky to have a friend gift me a lens. It is a Tamron 70-300mm Tele Macro lens.

I was unsure how it would work, being telephoto and then also somehow being Macro, the two being poles apart in real photography terms. But alas, it has shown itself to be a real winner.

The proof is in the results.

DSC_0021          DSC_0060


DSC_0078          DSC_0082


As you can see, the results are well worth it.

So for those who have never played with such a lens, it is a standard 70-300mm telephoto lens with a minimum focal distance of 1.5 metres. However, when the Macro switch is selected, this focal distance is reduced to just 95 cm. As a result, I am able to get the benefits of telephoto while taking a macro shot. I am able to stand a nice metre back and not have to struggle to get in close and not damage the plant etc.

A real benefit I see, is shooting at dangerous creatures (snakes, spiders and maybe bull-ants/inch ants), I will be able to keep a safe distance, yet still get in close for the Macro details.

A quick search through the internet and this lens isn’t given the merit I feel it truly deserves. Whilst there may be better glass out there, for what is considered an entry level lens, this has to be a serious one for people to consider.


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