Farewell to the Tall Ships

25 Sep

After 5 amazing days of action, excitement and history, Hobart has said goodbye to the Tall Ships for 2013.

I was fortunate enough to be provided a seat on the Governors’ Launch, Egeria,  for the official Sail Past and then a seat, again on the Egeria, to chase down the fleet for a final farewell, from the people of Hobart.

With an excited group of locals and tourists, we motored down the Derwent River, toward Iron Pot and were lucky enough to be greeted by the fleet, sails aloft and reaching for the horizon. I may have a good vocabulary, but even I couldn’t find words to describe the scene. Hence, I take photographs. Here are just a few from that amazing trip.

DSC_0051_1732x2398     DSC_0068_2585x1944

DSC_0072_1521x2607     DSC_0105_1944x2904

DSC_0115_1902x2466     DSC_0127_1808x2806

DSC_0161_1944x2307     DSC_0173_1454x2224

DSC_0187_2904x1944     DSC_0191_1620x1360

DSC_0211_1706x2006     DSC_0223_2540x1217

DSC_0230_1250x1718     DSC_0431_1250x2096

DSC_5303_1944x2904     DSC_5344_1364x1944

DSC_5367_2904x1944     DSC_5378_1701x2562

DSC_5381_1944x1340     DSC_5393_1772x1747


A hearty thank you to the crew of the Egeria, for their kindness, welcoming and mostly for the experience and opportunity to go out and get these amazing shots.


Thank you to Paul Cullen from the Australian Wooden Boat Festival office, and of course Bronny. Finally, thank you to Rob Oates, for his support, guidance and making all of this possible.


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