Nikon D200 Serves it Up

18 Jul

nikon d200

This is my newest camera. The Nikon D-200. Mid range, between entry level and a full on professional unit. I expect it will do me nicely for at least the next 2-3 years, while I learn more about photography and the nuances of this craft. Again, it is a used unit.

I tossed up the options of the D-200 over say the D-5100 and decided on the D-200 simply for the more control aspect. Yes, the D-5100 has more megapixels, Scene types and Effects, and even shoots HD video (for those playing at home, if I wanted to shoot video, I would get a video camera). I wasn’t ready to spend a lot of money on a feature filled entry level, which provided to me, limited benefit. Yes, the latest XPEED 2 would be nice, but I won’t use half the other features. Why? Because I don’t want  to. I am aiming to get that skill, honed through the manual control, of taking that ‘true photographer’ image. I want to take the photo, otherwise, I may as well have simply gotten a  point and shoot camera.

Don’t get me wrong, a D-5100 or similar would be nice, but it is too ‘easy’. I see it as an upgraded D-60 (which I have). The D-200 takes me to the next level of control over my photos. As for a current model mid range? Sadly, I don’t have a couple of thousand to put on a camera. A late model mid range will be my next camera of choice, as I think that would be the logical step. I don’t expect to do that in the near future however.

My experience with the D-200 is limited, having only had it for a few weeks, but the results, along with the last post of using Photoshop, shooting in RAW and being willing to adjust the RAW image to get a  better end result speaks for itself, I believe. I am over the moon with the control and learning opportunities I have already had and expect my photography to only get better with more time and practice. The D-200 will provide me with the chance to use the manual controls a lot more and not simply revert to the easier, Auto modes of the entry level units.



Mind you, I won’t be discounting the Nikon D-60, my original DSLR just yet. It has provided a great introductory level, and still provides lessons for me to learn from, especially when I am using the D200 and D60 in turn. My son was more than shaking his head to see me walking around a park area with 2 cameras ready to go, at once. I will say, it did provide the simplicity of being able to more easily switch between D-60 fitted with an 18-55mm lens and the D-200 fitted with the 55-300mm lens. Surely nothing was safe?

The end result, as seen from the above photos from the D-200 speak for themselves. But as I have alluded to, the images from the D-60 are not something to be ashamed of.


An interesting consideration, neither of the shots from the D-60 have been retouched, cropped or any post production. I expect the ability to use the Macro setting and more user-friendly Manual setting provides for this, but the possibilities and capabilities with the D-200 do ensure a more thorough learning opportunity.

The benefit of having two cameras, ready to go, with two different lenses, definitely makes life that more enjoyable. Yes, you may look a little silly to some, but if one camera isn’t going to get ‘that shot’, the other will, without the fiddly lens changes that we are all accustomed to.

Keep snapping  Smile

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