Adobe Photoshop

3 Jul

Well, a once post production ‘hater’ has come to realise the importance of being able to make some minor changes to photos to fix them.

I was chided by a friend, who told me I was doing myself a total disservice, by not using some post production, as I wasn’t bring out the true images.

So, I took the big leap and gave it a go. The result were astounding to say the least.


     Before                                                                        After

This is a real result from three simple filter passes in Adobe Photoshop. I was initially happy with the before, then I saw the results of the after.

As you can imagine, I have played with a lot of my other work and I must say, I have ‘resurrected’ quite a few that I thought were losses.

I then had a think and remembered the other little tidbit I was told. Use RAW, it is the only way to go.

I had been against using RAW, as I felt it was too advanced for me, and mostly because of the difficulty I had in importing it into different photo editors. Then I tried it in Adobe Photoshop.

I am a changed man!

OK, I am using RAW, but I still get a basic Jpg, for simplicity.

The ease of using RAW images in Adobe Photoshop simply amazed me. They open almost like any other file, but then the ‘fun’ begins.

A little over or under exposed? No problem, that can be sorted. Too dark in a  part, too light in another, OK, it can fix that. Heck, the lighting was too ‘sterile’ cool, it can make it warm, or whatever you want. The colours are incredible, as I now realise, it records EVERYTHING!

Is it really this good? The proof is in the pudding!


     Before                                                                       After

I made obviously poor choices with the lighting in the before shot. I could muck around with it for hours, or when I have tried a few different ways, simply throw it into Adobe Photoshop and ‘viola’, the job is done, the colours, contrasts, tones, saturation, everything, fixed. And I GET TO CONTROL IT, to get the RESULT I WANT !

OK, so the image size is a lot more. It does hold EVERYTHING the camera saw, not just what it thinks it saw.

On the whole, I don’t think I could really go back. I would be mad.

So, I guess it is time to say thank you to Tim. He pushed me, and I decided it was time to listen to others and try it. Thank You, Tim.

Now to get my son to use it . . .

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