QR Code Design: How to Make a Custom QR Code

7 Jan

Create custom QR Codes to match your branding, stand out from competitors, and increase brand recall. Explore this insightful guide to creating branded QR Codes coupled with some helpful design tips and use cases.

Source: QR Code Design: How to Make a Custom QR Code

It’s a break in the matrix . . .

7 Dec

As I reacquaint myself with Photoshop, I decided I needed to brush up on layers. The possibilities are endless.


Let’s call it Flower Wednesday

7 Dec

Have a busy day tomorrow, so decided a few simple flower shots would do. A slight challenge in the wind, but we got there.

Another day . . .

6 Dec

Today’s little adventure was a trip down to Tocumwal, for a few photos of the old railway bridge.

Having a drone, with a great camera makes aerial perspectives so much easier.
No traffic anymore.
I have a love for bridges, especially old metal and wood ones.

Back in the saddle

5 Dec

Well, after a bit of a hiatus, I’m back into my photography. More to follow soon.

Amazing Sky

9 Sep

Finley, NSW. An amazing sky, with clouds streaking.

Friendly steers

2 Sep
Friendly Steers

Some friendly steers in Finley.

Sparkler and Jelly Beans

5 Aug
Sparkler in afternoon light.

I was sitting enjoying the last warm rays of a nice sunny winters day. Then thought, ‘I’ll light a sparkler’.

Jelly Beans.

The Jelly Beans were a part of my guilty pleasures order of lollies.

Both images make great phone backgrounds, so feel free to download and use them that way.

If you do, a comment would be nice.

*Bonus background.

Some magic . . .

9 Jul

As a photographer, I have always been interested in experimenting with light within images.

Recently, I was reading about full spectrum photography. For those who are not up with this term, it is photography, with a camera that has been specially converted. The IR filter within the camera is removed. This can be a very difficult task with the majority of cameras, but I discovered one camera that allowed me to convert it, by removing in total 9 screws, lifting out the filter holder, then replacing the filter holder, minus the IR filter, and re-assemble.

As a result, you now have a camera which is capable of capturing all light, not removing the IR spectrum. So, all the light is allowed and you attain images as above.

I will be going out to get some more dramatic images. For those interested in full spectrum photography, the camera I chose is the Panasonic Lumix TZ-6. A quick look online and these go for ~$500 converted, but I was able to pick one up, un-converted on Ebay for ~$50.

Full Spectrum

30 Jun

I’ve had more of a hankering to try some full spectrum photography. It’s especially good for nights, skyies and some other cool results.

It’s a little Panasonic Lumix TZ6. And this will be the surgery.

See what a brain that doesn’t slow down get you 8nto . . . Should be fun.

Basically, I will remove the IR filter ( a simple job for this model, hence why I bought it). This will allow the sensor to see infra-red, ultra violet and more.

So watch this space . . .