It’s a break in the matrix . . .

7 Dec

As I reacquaint myself with Photoshop, I decided I needed to brush up on layers. The possibilities are endless.


Let’s call it Flower Wednesday

7 Dec

Have a busy day tomorrow, so decided a few simple flower shots would do. A slight challenge in the wind, but we got there.

Another day . . .

6 Dec

Today’s little adventure was a trip down to Tocumwal, for a few photos of the old railway bridge.

Having a drone, with a great camera makes aerial perspectives so much easier.
No traffic anymore.
I have a love for bridges, especially old metal and wood ones.

Back in the saddle

5 Dec

Well, after a bit of a hiatus, I’m back into my photography. More to follow soon.

Amazing Sky

9 Sep

Finley, NSW. An amazing sky, with clouds streaking.

Friendly steers

2 Sep
Friendly Steers

Some friendly steers in Finley.

Sparkler and Jelly Beans

5 Aug
Sparkler in afternoon light.

I was sitting enjoying the last warm rays of a nice sunny winters day. Then thought, ‘I’ll light a sparkler’.

Jelly Beans.

The Jelly Beans were a part of my guilty pleasures order of lollies.

Both images make great phone backgrounds, so feel free to download and use them that way.

If you do, a comment would be nice.

*Bonus background.

Some magic . . .

9 Jul

As a photographer, I have always been interested in experimenting with light within images.

Recently, I was reading about full spectrum photography. For those who are not up with this term, it is photography, with a camera that has been specially converted. The IR filter within the camera is removed. This can be a very difficult task with the majority of cameras, but I discovered one camera that allowed me to convert it, by removing in total 9 screws, lifting out the filter holder, then replacing the filter holder, minus the IR filter, and re-assemble.

As a result, you now have a camera which is capable of capturing all light, not removing the IR spectrum. So, all the light is allowed and you attain images as above.

I will be going out to get some more dramatic images. For those interested in full spectrum photography, the camera I chose is the Panasonic Lumix TZ-6. A quick look online and these go for ~$500 converted, but I was able to pick one up, un-converted on Ebay for ~$50.

Full Spectrum

30 Jun

I’ve had more of a hankering to try some full spectrum photography. It’s especially good for nights, skyies and some other cool results.

It’s a little Panasonic Lumix TZ6. And this will be the surgery.

See what a brain that doesn’t slow down get you 8nto . . . Should be fun.

Basically, I will remove the IR filter ( a simple job for this model, hence why I bought it). This will allow the sensor to see infra-red, ultra violet and more.

So watch this space . . .

White with a pink blush

29 May

A lovely shot, up close, with this gorgeous flower.